alker, Newman & Associates

Oil & Gas Projects



BHP Billiton Petroleum

Walker Newman and Associates have undertaken a number of small projects for BHPB Petroleum since 1998 including:

  • Stybarrow FPSO: Review of microwave system upgrade options. (2013)
  • Macedon to DBP telemetry study. (2009)
  • Completion of Telstra site access documentation as required under Facilities Access Agreements for Stybarrow and Pyrenees microwave system installations at Cape Range.
  • Pyrenees FPSO LAN/WAN design. (2008)
    Feasibility study on microwave path for Stybarrow. (2005)
  • Buffalo: Satellite communications design, entertainment system design and, WAN/LAN and PBX design. (1998-2000)
  • Griffin Venture: Iterra system implementation design, entertainment system upgrade, Cat 5 cabling installation and UHF radio upgrade (1998-2006)
  • Macedon Cel-Fi indoor/outdoor cell extender installation (2016)

Chevron ABU

Walker Newman and Associates have undertaken a number of small projects for Chevron ABU since 2004.  These have included:

  • Wireless Mesh coverage study. (2013)
  • WAN service review for north west assets. (2012)
  • Options review for the upgrade of telemetry for the Pump Off Controller (POC) SCADA network on Barrow Island (2009 & 2012).
  • Design and technical support for an upgrade of Thevenard Island communications including telemetry and two way radio systems (2010).
  • Public mobile carrier services review (2009).

Chevron Gorgon Project – KJV

Walker Newman and Associates have been part of a multi-consultant team undertaking works for KJV since pre-FEED. We currently have three resources contracted in to the KJV Gorgon telecoms team.

Chevron Wheatstone Project

Walker Newman and Associates have assisted Chevron with several projects associated with Wheatstone including;

  • Social infrastructure works at Onslow
    • Radio coverage predictions and system design (2012).
    • LNG plant – Onslow – DBP fibre optic cable: preliminary study and budget costing (2012).
    • Onslow camp IT & Telecommunications infrastructure budget and scope of works development (2012/13).
  • Provision of  five resources into the upstream telecommunications commissioning team.
  • Development of strategy and tender documentation for upstream telecommunications maintenance.
  • Provision of five resources into the upstream telecommunications communications team (2015/2016)

Chevron Wheatstone Project - Technip

Walker Newman and Associates provided one resource embedded in to the Technip communications design team working on the Wheatstone offshore facility.

Clough Sawan Project

Clough contracted Walker Newman and Associates to manage the design, installation and commissioning of communications for the onshore Sawan project in Pakistan. (2002-2003)

GDF Suez – Bonaparte FLNG

Walker Newman and Associates assisted GDF Suez with pre-FEED telecommunications work including;

  • Subsea fibre optic cable feasibility (2012).
  • VSAT (2012).
  • LAN/WAN conceptual arrangements (2013).
  • Licensing and regulatory requirements (2013).

Inpex Ichthys Project

Walker Newman and Associates have undertaken the various works for Inpex since 2008, including:

  • Options review of offshore to onshore communications (in joint venture with another Perth based telecoms consultant).
  • Planning for public carrier infrastructure and service access to the Darwin Bladin Point site, and subsequent assistance in the Enterprise Works Agreement (EWA) process.
  • Assistance with the ITT process for subsea fibre optic services for the Ichthys CPF.
  • Development of strategy and tender documentation for telecommunications maintenance.
  • Preparation of telecommunications maintenance work instructions.
  • Engineering and implementation of temporary communications for ASV’s supporting offshore hookup and commissioning activities (2016/17).

Origin Energy

Walker Newman and Associates were contracted by Origin Energy (2011) to develop engineering standards for telecommunications including cabling, buildings and shelters, earthing and bonding, fibre optic transmission systems, LAN/WAN/WLAN, microwave radio, telemetry radio, voice mobile radio, towers and masts, PAGA and power systems.

Quadrant Energy

Feasibility study and budget estimate for microwave radio system for the Ningaloo Vision FPSO (2017).


Shell Prelude Project

Walker Newman have assisted Shell with;

  • Development of maintenance work instructions for telecommunications systems (2015/2016).
  • Review of End Of Life / Vendor Support Date (EOL/VSD) items (2016).
  • Prime contractor role for communications maintenance on the Prelude facility (2017).

Upstream Production Solutions

Prime Contractor role for communications maintenance on the Northern Endeavour FPSO (2016/17).


Vermilion Energy

Walker Newman and Associates were contracted by Vermilion Energy (2012) to provide a report on options for the replacement of the microwave radio system for the Wandoo platform.


Walker Newman and Associates have undertaken a number of projects for or on behalf of Woodside since 1996 including:

  • Design and site supervision works associated with the Vincent FPSO upgrade project.
  • Vendor supervision and commissioning assistance for the NR2 project.
  • Development of specifications and scopes of work related to the KGP radio upgrade project.
  • Development of WEL Telecomms Standards and data sheets.
  • Development of SCE performance standard and asssociated maintenance assurance tasks for KGP telecommunications.
  • Provision of resources for minor project engineering and campaign maintenance.

Woodside Pluto Project – Woodside

  • Project superintendent role as part of the Woodside Pluto Project team, ensuring that the various work done by FWWP, EoS, WEL-IT, major suppliers and other parties were aligned and on track.
  • Burrup Materials Facility (BMF) communications design.
  • Offshore hookup and commissioning telecoms temporaries design.

As part of the Pluto project, but under contract to Foster Wheeler Worley Parsons (FWWP), WNA undertook the engineering and supervision of the implementation of construction communications for the onshore LNG park works.

Woodside Enfield FPSO Communications

Walker Newman and Associates were contracted to Woodside (2003-2005) to engineer the following systems for the Enfield FPSO:

  • Ship to shore microwave system.
  • LAN, WAN and VoIP telephony system.
  • Entertainment system.