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Disaster Recovery Planning - Policy Statement



Information Technology - Disaster Mitigation & Recovery Policy

WNA understands that Information Technology systems and infrastructure is core to the internal management and coordination of our business and ongoing delivery and management of services to our clients.
WNA believes that an IT environment is best operated in optimal environmental conditions and with the conservative use of well proven and well supported technologies
Although our IT footprint is relatively small, it is fundamental to our ongoing success and continued growth.


• Maintain an environment which is highly supportable both internally and by equipment vendors.
• Maintain good relationships with hardware vendors for ongoing support and supply
• Maintain contracted hardware maintenance on key hardware elements
• Maintain all software to current revision levels as periodically released by the manufacturer
• Provide an external third party Antivirus/Antispam filter for incoming email
• Ensure data is always protected from loss due to loss of equipment or environment
• Maintain a daily backup regime of all data
• Ensure a Disaster Recovery copy of the data is maintained off the business premises at all times
• Maintain an effective, robust and secure network interface, minimising external access to only that required to operate the business
• Close all ports which are not required for the operation of the network interface
Client Access
• Ensure all client computers also maintain effective Antivirus screening and protection
• Ensure remote access to the network/server is via secure protocols
• Ensure all core network equipment is powered from an Uninterruptible Power Supply source
• Operate all core network and server equipment in an air conditioned environment
• Ensure all network equipment is installed in a physically secure environment

Authorised by:  Rick Newman, Director

28th April 2016, Rev 1